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Our Neighborhood - Central Queens

The base for our church is the neighborhood of Forest Hills. Situated in the heart of Queens, it is a key center of influence in New York City and enjoys tremendous cultural impact. While part of NYC, Queens is itself a “city within a city” with a population of over 2.2 million people. In and of itself, Queens would be the fourth most populous city in the United States.

Whether you are Armenian, Albanian, Bulgarian, German, Chinese, Irish, Japanese, or Zimbawean, you will find your countryman in Forest Hills. Whether you speak or read Hebrew, Yiddish, Gujarati, Portuguese, Russian, Laotian, Tagalog, or Polish, you will be able to read signs, purchase newspapers, and converse in your native tongue. The local libraries carry an inventory of publications in 35 languages that are regularly called for by patrons. This community is a gateway to the world. In Forest Hills and its surrounding communities, over half of all households speak a language other than English at home. Forest Hills and its surrounding communities host a significant portion of the airline and travel personnel that utilize JFK and LaGuardia airports.

Today Forest Hills and its immediate surrounding communities are home to peoples from 117 different nations (2000 Census). It has become the community to live in and raise a family in for people from the four corners of the globe. They come for a safe place to experience religious, political, and economic freedom, receive an education, develop a business, and send their children to school.



One of Ascension’s core values is promoting and building our community based in Central Queens. In many ways, our communities are like small towns, where people want to get to know one another and be more involved in one another’s lives. This is the vision that Ascension is happy to maintain and support. We endeavor to be a resource and support for the families and businesses in our neighborhood, desiring our community to continue to flourish in every way.

Our church community is Christ-centered, gospel-driven, and person-oriented through and through. Our union with Christ includes our union with one another. This means that the gospel of Christ is incarnated through and in the community of God’s people. Renewed image-bearers “image” the love of the Triune God in community for one another and a watching world. Happily, this creates a great opportunity to reach out in love to troubled, isolated and disassociated New Yorkers, who, because of the image of God in them, desperately long and yearn for connection. This means that we place a high premium on truth, authenticity, transparency, love, and relationships.