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Sunday (06/30) at Ascension: How to deal with pain, hurt, loss and struggle God's way

June 28 2013
June 28 2013


Pre-Service Prayer & Worship Service
Stronger through Trials - James 1:2-18

Pain. Loss. Struggle. Difficulty. Disappointment. Discouragement. Set backs. Bad news.

Life is moving along and you hit a big bump in the road -- perhaps multiple bumps. You want to run away from your problem. But you can't. You adopt a strategy to eliminate the problem. This creates a new problem. You either succumb to moral compromise or your strategy causes someone else pain. Maybe you feel like it will just "go away" so you practice avoidance or procrastinate in dealing with the issue. More problems are then created. Often, not dealing appropriately and wisely with a problem causes fallout, stress and strain in other parts of your life. That's the "snowball" effect. None of us are immune to this cycle.

The overwhelming witness of the Christian and Jewish scriptures is that trials in this life are here to stay. But there is hope. There is purpose. There exists provision from a God who doesn't want you to waste your trials.

Join us for the next two Sundays to discover how you can redeem your trials.

Also, please note two other things for Sunday:

Sunday Pre-Service Prayer @ 10-10:30am, PS101. There is a growing desire for Ascensioners to pray for God's work in and through our Sunday morning worship and community time (as well as for other ministry opportunities). Please join a lay-person led tour of believing prayer through Sunday's worship folder as participants anticipate more fully and experience more richly the blessings of this Sunday's worship and Word.

Last Day to Register for Vacation Bible School with Early Bird Rate. Our early bird rate ends this Sunday, June 30th! Take advantage and save $5 by registering now for Ascension's VBS taking place Monday-Friday, July 15th-19th. For more info and to register, please click here.



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