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Christ-Centered Ministry for Off-Center People 2

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Pastor Michael continues with the second part of the message on the topic of "Christ-centered Ministry for Off-centered People."


Are you curious about Jesus but feel like an "outsider" in some way? Does the thought of attending a church like ours in order to investigate Jesus and the Christian faith make you feel uneasy?

There are reasons behind your reluctance.

- Maybe you don't feel "worthy." Those feelings of guilt you had from your upbringing were never resolved. Maybe you experienced moral failure and feel you'll never be received by Jesus or by a community of his followers.

- Maybe you don't feel "good enough." Perhaps you have a disability, a disadvantage, a weakness, a unique circumstance or situation that tempts you to think you are outside what would be considered "normal."

- Just maybe you think that your views, questions, temperament or style is too much outside the pale of what would be acceptable.


Bottom line: You feel you are too "off-center" to be accepted, received or to belong to Jesus and His community of followers.

Please think again.

Our passage will provide us with an investigation into the types of people Jesus attracted and gathered. Please consider allowing your preconceptions to be challenged and possibly changed by the One Who comes to call all types of people to Himself and his Kingdom adventure of grace, mercy and meaning.


Duration: 35:25
Date: 03/18/12
Speaker: Michael Kytka
Scripture: Luke 6
Scripture Reference Verses: Luke 6:17-19